Main Line Realtor Karen Strid:
A Behind-the-Scenes Q&A

Main Line Realtor Karen Strid: <br>A Behind-the-Scenes Q&A

After building her own home on the Main Line, Karen Strid began selling real estate for Berkshire Hathaway in 2014.

Within 3 years, Karen established herself in the top 1% of the company in sales. Five years into her real estate career, Karen’s areas of focus are luxury property listings on the Main Line, new construction, and vacant land sales.

Karen has become a go-to Main Line real estate resource for Fuller Interiors. She knows the local market and can provide some amazing advice when you’re ready to sell or purchase a home.

Tell us a little bit about your Main Line realtor services. What kind of homes do you typically sell?

My team is very Main Line focused. We sell everything from vacant land or building lots to townhomes, twins, and single-family homes. We sell from Philadelphia out to Malvern and we work closely with partners in Chestnut Hill, Blue Bell area to best serve those buyers and sellers.

What does it mean for a house to have ‘good bones’?

Good bones mean a great house—and you need to look beyond the surface layer. Sometimes paint, wall coverings, light fixtures, and flooring will bring something back to its glory and that stuff is less costly than major structural renovations.

Do you think about your clients’ aesthetic when looking for potential homes for them?

Yes, for sure, but we also love to point out how a home can be easily tweaked to fit the aesthetic the client may be searching for in a home.

Do clients tend to have an easy or difficult time envisioning their own furnishings in a home?

Yes, for the most part, it’s easy. But I always tell my clients not to buy a house for their furniture! It’s very easy to buy a new kitchen table, it’s not always easy to find the perfect home on the perfect piece of land.

In your opinion, should a home buyer get an interior designer involved before or after the purchase of a home?

Yes, once someone is serious about a property, I think it’s extremely helpful.

A designer can help see the value or the “good bones” a home has—more easily than a buyer.

Designers have a trained eye to look at more than what meets the eye. I tell my buyers that spending a little bit of money with a designer will pull your home together in a way that is beyond most people’s ability.

I actually think people waste a lot of money on trying out ten paint colors or buying things that are the web size or scale. Homes around here are a big investment. Using a designer takes that investment to the next level. It is money so well spent.

What’s trending? What are some elements that home buyers are looking for right now?

All across the board, people want updated, decorated homes that they can step right into without doing any work. That is the major trend. Homes that are updated sell fast and over asking.

There is a statistic that if something needs renovating, buyers will assume double the cost it would actually cost to do the work, so for sellers, it’s easier to do the work and sell it looking great.

Countertops are another trend. Good countertops and white cabinets sell houses. You can do a quick facelift to an older kitchen by painting brown cabinets white and adding quartz countertops.

Also, paint and carpet go a long way. A great neutral grey and some new rugs and that can fix a lot of dated rooms.

To reach Karen, visit her website. Ready to design that new home or get a designer’s thoughts before you purchase? Contact us here.

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  • Nicole
    | 30 September 2020

    As a seller, it’s really interesting to hear about this from Karen’s perspective.

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