Philadelphia Main Line Architects: Our 5 Favorites

Philadelphia Main Line Architects: Our 5 Favorites

The Philadelphia Main Line is full of great architects.

They say you shouldn’t pick favorites, but we couldn’t help ourselves! We’ve been working in the Main Line area long enough to know which local architects consistently deliver fantastic work—and are fantastic to work with.

In no particular order, here are our picks for the best of the best.

Archer And Buchanan Architecture


Archer & Buchanan Architecture has a philosophy—buildings should be built to be inhabited for a century or more and should continue to gain character, beauty, and value as the years pass. We couldn’t agree more!

The work they do is classic, timeless, and conscious of the surrounding cultural heritage.

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Archer And Buchanan Architect Main Line
Architecture by Archer & Buchanan Architecture
Peter Zimmerman Architects Main Line Pa


I adore Peter Zimmerman’s ability to create homes that exist in harmony with the surrounding environment. The firm is known for being inspired by the land and natural features of a property. Their attention to existing details also gives them a careful and capable eye for historical preservation work.

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Peter Zimmerman Architects Main Line Pa
Architecture by Peter Zimmerman Architects
Asher Slaunwhite P


Mark Asher’s childhood of spending summers at the Jersey shore were truly well spent as he has a genuine gift for coastal architecture. You’ll find several of his classically elegant “Asher Houses” dotting the waterfronts of the Northeast.

His partner Deborah Slaunwhite brings a more contemporary sensibility and this firm is also skilled at working in a transitional style.

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Mark Asher Architecture Main Line Pa
Architecture by Asher Slaunwhite Architects
Period Architecture Logo Main Line Pa 1


The team at Period Architecture is extremely knowledgeable regarding historical styles. They believe that homes should fit in with the architectural traditions of the area and they have a singular ability to make that happen. The homes they design look like they’ve always been there and always will.

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Period Architecture Main Line Pa
Architecture by Period Architecture
Warren Claytor Architects Logo Main Line Pa


Warren Claytor has a ton of experience working with local conservation groups and land trusts so they are our go-to team for anyone working with a conservation easement. Their designs are known for bringing contemporary elements in conversation with historical elements.

We also love the firm’s generosity as they do a lot of pro-bono work to support the arts, open space, and education in local communities.

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Warren Claytor Architecture Main Line Pa
Architecture by Warren Claytor Architects

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