Order Early, Decorate Merry: Planning Your Interior Design Requests for a Festive Holiday Season

Order Early, Decorate Merry: Planning Your Interior Design Requests for a Festive Holiday Season

Photo: Jon Friedrich

As the leaves start to turn and a chill creeps into the air, our thoughts naturally turn to the holiday season. It’s a time of warmth, togetherness, and celebration, and no place is more fitting for these joyous moments than our homes. If you’re dreaming of a beautifully adorned home for the holidays, now is the perfect time to start planning. In this article, Jen Fuller and Team will discuss why placing your interior design requests by October is the key to ensuring your orders arrive on time. We’ll also suggest some delightful requests to enhance your dining room, from new artwork to fresh upholstery and elegant china patterns.

The Importance of Early Planning

Timely Delivery

The holiday season is notorious for its increased demand for interior design products. Furniture, textiles, and home decor items can quickly go out of stock, and shipping delays become more common as the festivities approach. By placing your interior design requests in October, you provide ample time for orders to be processed, ensuring your items arrive well before the holiday rush.


Many interior design elements, such as custom upholstery, wallpaper and personalized artwork, require time for design, production, and quality assurance. With this in mind, by initiating the process in advance, you’ll have the freedom to customize to your heart’s content, creating a unique and meaningful space.

Enhancing Your Dining Room

Order Early, Decorate Merry

Photo: Jon Friedrich

Upholstery for Dining Room Chairs

Updating your dining room chairs with new upholstery not only revitalizes the look but also adds an extra layer of comfort for those long, cherished meals. Opt for fabrics that align with your holiday theme, whether it’s classic velvet or cozy plaid.

New Artwork

The dining room is often the heart of holiday gatherings. Introducing new artwork can infuse the space with fresh energy. Consider seasonal motifs, warm color palettes, or even family portraits to create a welcoming and festive atmosphere.

China Patterns

Holiday entertaining and dining deserve exquisite china patterns. Selecting a new set for the season can elevate your table settings and set the stage for memorable feasts. From traditional elegance to modern chic, there’s a pattern to suit every style.

Fresh Patterns and Wallpaper

For example, incorporating fresh wallpaper patterns for your dining room is an easy and lovely way to switch things up. Transform your space from subtle elegance to bold statement prints and let your dining room be the centerpiece of festive gatherings. 

Order Early, Decorate Merry

Photo: Jon Friedrich

Order Early, Decorate Merry

Preparing your interior design requests by October is a gift you give yourself and your home. It ensures that you’ll have everything in place to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the holiday season. By considering new artwork, fresh upholstery for your dining room chairs, and elegant china patterns, you’ll be well on your way to hosting memorable gatherings and spreading holiday cheer. Start planning your interior design requests today by contacting Fuller Interiors and let the magic of the season infuse your home with beauty and warmth. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Photo Credit: Jon Friedrich

October Post: Order Early, Decorate Merry

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